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David Laing (Mersey Hypnosis) Weight Loss Hypnosis and Hypnotic Gastric Band in Liverpool: Weight Loss Liverpool


Weight Loss

In the US the diet industry is worth $40bn — the fifth largest industry. In Britain it is worth about £2bn and rising. Diet products are a marketing director’s dream: the failed dieter almost always blames themselves — and then looks for another product. Not surprisingly many companies produce a range of products: slimming clubs, low-cal meals, books, videos etc.

Weight loss is not about diets or products it's about changing behaviour. You weren't born overweight. You can 'reprogramme' your mind to shun all those foods that hold you back: Chocolate, cakes, alcohol, bread etc, and adopt a new positive eating habit and relationship with food.

This, coupled with a renewed motivation to become more active, lively and energetic makes for a powerful change. Once this has been done the weight will sort itself out relatively quickly. This programme is appropriate for the vast majority of people

IMPORTANT: Minimum 2 sessions are required. A single session will not resolve your issue and make you slim!

Hypnotic Gastric Band

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is a revolutionary treatment recently developed for obesity. Designed for someone who has a large amount of weight to lose, it uses clinical hypnosis to replicate the effects of actual surgical gastric banding, but without the numerous side effects that the surgery can bring about.

It works by convincing the unconscious mind that a real gastric banding operation has been performed. Afterwards the unconscious mind and body respond to food and hunger in the ways that the individual would expect. This simulated surgery can have fantastic results. People who have received the treatment have reported a profound reduction in stomach capacity and ability to tolerate heavy foods.

Because the surgery is entirely imagined, it carries much less risk than a real stomach band surgery. The real thing leaves the person prone to infection, this is not at all possible with the hypnotic equivalent.


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Gastric Band' Hypnotherapy is available in a choice of two programmes to suit your budget:

5 session Hypnotic Gastric Band
This programme deals with every aspect of the Gastric Band procedure – how the operation is performed, analysing your own eating behaviour, looking at the underlying causes and removing emotional ‘drivers’, installing a brand new relationship with food and installing motivation and determination to succeed. This is done ideally over 3 weeks but can be flexible.

2 session Hypnotic Gastric band
This programme deals with removing emotional ‘drivers’ and the Hypnotic Gastric band procedure. Sessions are usually held one week apart.

The key element to success in weight loss is YOU! I cannot make you do or believe anything unless YOU want to. No weight loss system will ever work unless you are committed to losing weight. You must be prepared to change your eating habits and life-style. If you are over-weight, totally serious about losing weight, really want to lose weight and are committed to doing so then Weight Loss Hypnotherapy will certainly work for you. The only other things that could prevent success would be if you are taking certain medications or there is a physiological reason for your weight problems. If this is the case you should consult your GP.

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