Webcam Sessions

It might suprise you to know that sessions are regularly done via web cam via the Internet. While face to face sessions are best, hypnotherapy sessions using Google, Zoom Skype, Facetime or Teams can also be extremely effective.

Webcam sessions can enable rapid treatment of conditions such as Agoraphobia or where the client is disabled or unable to travel. However each client and each session is different. A"pre-talk" or interview is vital for me to obtain critical information and feedback which is later incorporated into the hypnotic session.

Webcam Hypnotherapy

Clients in Merseyside area can, for their convenience, combine in-person and web cam sessions in the course of their hypnotherapy program. Clients who live outside the area are also welcome and encouraged to combine in-person and webcam sessions should they have plans to be in the area. It is always a great experience meeting clients in-person for the first time! This flexible approach is a convenient and effective solution for people whose busy schedules make in-person sessions difficult and for those who live outside the Merseyside area.

If you are interested in possibly scheduling a hypnotherapy session conducted via webcam, please contact me to discuss your particular situation. If this methods is deemed appropriate we could then schedule a mutually convenient time.

Clients are required to pay the agreed fee prior to the start of the session.

Payments are made online via PayPal® and all major credit cards are accepted.

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