Vaginismus is a psychological problem that shows itself in a physical way and is especially common among women in their late teens to thirties. It is when the muscles around the vagina tighten against your will, causing the vagina to spasm, making intercourse painful or even impossible.painful sex and Vaginismus help with David Laing (Mersey Hypnosis)- Liverpool Hypnotherapist

The cause is usually fear. Often young girls have been told by parents that sex is dirty and should be avoided or they may be reprimanded for being curious about their sexuality which may cause tension during the actual act. Stories about painful first intercourse can also reinforce fears of penetration. In some cases, vaginismus may happen after a history of successful and enjoyable intercourse, perhaps due to a vaginal infection or the physical after- effects of childbirth.

These or other frightening or painful experiences can cause some women to believe or fear that penetration might be painful or even impossible which leads to a pattern of further vaginismus even though the original cause has disappeared. The anticipation of painful penetration - even though there may be no physical impediment to normal, painless intercourse can be a common cause of vaginismus.

I's a common misconception that women suffering from vaginismus don't want to have sex. However, in most cases they yearn for it, and it is only because of the pain that avoidance seems to be the best option. Indeed many women with vaginismus enjoy sexual interaction providing that actual penetrative sex of some kind doesn't occur.

Vaginismus is considered one of the most successfully treatable female sexual disorder. Hypnotherapy allows the sufferer to explore and resolve the cause of the problem in a short space of time. Once the emotional issues have been resolved, the vaginismus invariably disappears. Isn't it time you lived a happy and fulfilled life?

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