Stop Smoking & Vaping

Tired of being bullied around by the cigarette habit? Tried to quit on your own and just couldn't manage it? Perhaps you became too irritable or anxious. Perhaps your family begged you to start smoking again! Or, maybe you managed to stay off the cigarettes only to watch yourself gain weight, and then started again, just to keep off the pounds.


MerseyhHypnosis, Stop Smoking or Vaping

Perhaps you started vaping as you were led to believe it is safe? More and more reports are being received from around the globe of people dying from lung problems that are being linked specifically to vaping. Let's be clear 'safer' is not the same as 'safe'! .

If you've reached that point in your life where you've decided "this has to go!" I'd love to help you.

How many sessions will I need?

Most people can lose their smoking or vaping habit in only ONE HOUR. However, on rare occasions, some people require 2 sessions. If this is the case a follow up session at a greatly reduced cost is available.

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