Fears and Phobias

As we live life we all experience some forms of negative input to our learning; some examples - a child sees their mother screaming at the sight of a spider, this then teaches the child to be afraid of spiders. Similarly, an over zealous person unintentionally splashes a child in the local swimming pool which later causes the child to develop a fear of water.

"Just had my first real life spider encounter today. The same type of spider almost made me faint a month ago... Today we went about our business in harmony & it was all ok. Can hardly even remember why I was frightened & how it felt before! So so happy!!!!" Helana Sep 2018

Other phobias, for example, a fear of heights could be triggered by something you never even gave any notice to at the time but made a deep, lasting impression. These types of phobia respond well to hypnotherapy.

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Fear of Flying

Fear of Flying is probably the most common phobia I deal with. It is a problem that affects large numbers of people, some of whom are able to fly but will feel quite anxious, and others who are simply unable to go on aeroplanes. Recent estimates suggest that between 10 and 40% of all travellers experience some kind of phobia. For many sufferers this is only inconvenient or embarrassing. They may rely on alcohol or medication to get through, what is for them, a very uncomfortable experience. For others it is a major issue because their Aerophobia prevents both them and their families from going on holidays together.

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Fear of flying can also have a major impact on a person's career – a sufferer will avoid or turn down promotion or won't even apply for jobs that might require them to travel by plane. The first thing you need to know is that you weren't born a nervous flyer - you learned to feel that way. Fear of flying, like all phobias, is a just learned response and you can un-learn your response easily.

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