Past Life Regression

There are many clients who seek to tap into their past life/lives using hypnosis. By using specific questioning styles and recording the session it is possible for the client to then research the data they revealed whilst under hypnosis.

Using hypnosis a person can experience a past life regression and remember having been another person in a previous life, or incarnation. Many people nowadays are curious about the idea and wonder who they have been in past lives. Reincarnation is not a far-fetched idea. The majority of religions believe in it!

Hypnosis opens the doorway to the unconscious mind where all our memories are stored. Using hypnosis people can remember where to locate lost articles, details of a crime scene (such as a thief's car registration number), events of their early childhood and even the experience of their birth. All of our memories are stored in the unconscious mind, including our past life ones.

People come for regressions for many reasons. Many are simply curious to confirm if they have lived before and who they were. Often people are looking to resolve relationship issues, to understand why they love the people they do and to find out if they've been together in other lives. Some people are looking for clues for the direction and purpose or spiritual mission of their life. And then there are people who have problems, such as phobias, which defy finding solutions for them in a current life context.

Regardless of the reason for seeking out a past life regression, one usually comes away with something worthwhile. At best a regression can be a profound life changing and healing experience. At the very least it can be a thought-provoking, information gathering session. For most people it is somewhere between these two extremes and exactly what they need at that moment.

And on top of all that, many find regressions very entertaining and fun!

Past life regression is one of the favourite therapies I offer as a professional hypnotherapist. It is an enjoyable and rewarding experience which can open doorways to self-understanding in a manner unlike any other therapy.

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