Panic Attacks

A Panic Attack can be awful. I know - I've been there! It's usually a cluster of fears related to leaving home, entering shops, being in crowds and public places, or travelling alone on buses, trains, or planes. But they all stem from one underlying fear. That is, a fear of having another panic attack!

Stop Panic Attacks

A person can become very anxious and distressed and have an intense desire to get out of their current situation. The anxiety usually causes physical symptoms such as: a fast heart rate, palpitations, shaking, sweating, dry mouth, feeling sick, chest pain, headaches, stomach pains, a 'knot in the stomach', fast breathing. Even thinking about a panic attack can make a sufferer anxious. However, I beat mine over 16 years ago and you can beat yours too. There are very simple techniques I can teach you to help you banish them for good.

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