Driving Issues

Driving should be fun. However, for some people "driving" means negative feelings. Fear, anxiety, anger or frustration. I can help with a variety of issues to help you enjoy being behind the wheel.

Driving Test

Passing your driving test is often as much about confidence and a relaxed and focused approach as anything else. Simple techniques that I teach can really improve your confidence making you feel more focussed and calm. Hypnotherapy can retrain your unconscious mind giving you a feeling of self-confidence and inner certainty you would never have believed possible. You will really notice the improvement in your confidence and self assurance on the day. Don't spend the days leading up to your test stressing about things. Let's have a chat about how I can help..

Driving Test Anxiety

Motorway Fear

Some people are not keen on motorways but don't go out their way to avoid them. However, for many people motorways mean pretty much one thing - complete panic. For some it's about overtaking into the middle lane or overtaking lorries on a windy day. For others It's a feeling of being out of control- having to drive really fast and not being able to stop if they wanted. Sometimes their fear is about actuallygetting onto the motorway, feeling like they have only a split second to zoom on. If left unresolved this can turn into a crippling phobia.

Motorway Fear

I've met some drivers who passed their test over 15 years ago and had never driven on a motorway. They are normal, rational, intelligent and functioning people, Very often this affects so many other areas of life - work, family, relationships, making their fear all the more miserable to live with. However, this fear, like almost every other, can be beaten. All it takes is commitment and a real desire to change. Call me now to find out how I can help.

Road Rage

Across the world over the past two decades there has been a dramatic increase in incidents of Road Rage. Very often the perpetrators of violent attacks due to road rage were just ordinary people going home after a hard day at work. Most of us are rational human beings going about our normal daily lives and wouldn't dream of harming another person intentionally. But if we don't manage our emotions in the car then we can all be subject to extreme Road Rage.Let's have a chat about how I can help..