Digital Addiction

(Facebook, Twitter, Internet)

All over the world people use the Internet to connect with others. However, what happens if these 'virtual' interactions and the need for them begin to take over your life? Growing numbers of people seem to prefer their on screen social interactions to face-to-face or even voice-to-voice interactions. Often these people become anxious or nervous if they are unable to update their Facebook status, use their mobile or access an Internet connection.

Digital Addiction

Studies made over the past couple of years are find a strong link between depression and the amount of time spent online. Of course it could be that an underlying depression issue existed prior to the Internet. However, there is compelling evidence to suggest that time spent in front of the computer or mobile screen can lead to depression in those who were not depressed to begin with.

Do you...

  • Continually check your mobile for messages?
  • Feel compelled to 'check in' your location on Facebook?
  • Feel anxious if you are away from your mobile or an Internet connection?
  • Tweet continuously?

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