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David Laing (Mersey Hypnosis) Chocolate, Sweets, Cake and Sugar Addiction Hypnosis in Liverpool: Chocolate addiction Liverpool


Chocolate and Sugar Addiction

It's true to say that an occasional, small piece of chocolate can really lift our mood. Chocolate causes our brains to release similar homrmones to those produced when we are in love. This is why chocolates are associated with romance and often given as Valentine's day gifts. However, chocolate addiction if left unchecked can lead to serious health issues.

Chocolate Addiction

Many people have found themselves caught up in the habit of eating too much chocolate, often several times a day, every single day. Apart from the risk of weight gain there is also the real risk of diabetes. However, this issue is usually relatively easy to resolve. Whether your desire is to stop eating chocolate permanently or to significantly reduce the amount you eat, I can help. Call me NOW to book your appointment!

Sugar and Sweets

This issue usually has it's roots in childhood. It's often a reminder of fun times or treats and is also usually relatively easy to resolve. Providing you want to let them go you can make eating sweets, cakes and sugary foods a thing of the past.

My treatment leaves you feeling empowered, happier, healthier and not wanting, needing or desiring sweets, cakes or sugary products.

Addiction to sugar and cakes Stop eating sweets

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