Anger Management

If there's one emotion that society says you are supposed to keep bottled up, it's anger. Anger is a powerful, natural human reaction. If used correctly it can spur people on, creating positive change. Some of the great social advances of the 20th Century, such as votes for women and civil rights for blacks in America, were spurred by individuals' anger. If not channelled correctly however it is dangerous. It has massive social implications on your family, your career and ultimately YOU.... Anger management is not only for youngsters who fall foul of the law, but for stressed-out bosses who bark at their workers, parents after a hard and stressful day's work, tense school kids who display signs of bullying behaviour or even those experiencing the growing problem of road rage.

Anger Management

Most of us handle anger and rage badly. We tend to fall into one of two camps: exploders or imploders:

Exploders quickly move from anger into rage having "adult temper tantrums". Exploders are irrational in their regressed state and cause harm to themselves and to those around them. Imploders, meanwhile, bottle their anger up because of fear, insecurity and low self-esteem. Initially it appears to cause little harm. But imploders cannot hold the anger in forever. They are walking time bombs, just waiting to explode."

My aim is to help people avoid being either an exploder or an imploder; to ensure that anger is channeled positively. Using proven methods I can show you quick, effective and long lasting techniques to combat anger or rage. I can provide invaluable help to everyone from law enforcement personnel to corporate executives or schoolteachers and their charges and anyone else dealing with their own or another's anger.

If anger consumes you let’s deal with it!

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