Alcohol Control and Cessation

Do you want to reduce your alcohol intake or stop drinking alcohol for good? Providing you are serious about it I can help you. Heavy regular drinking or ‘binge drinking’ over a relatively short space of time can cause many problems - not only for the person doing it but also for those around them. Apart from the negative impacts on the person's physical health and personal safety, it can also have a dramatic negative effect on their self-esteem, happiness, and mental health.

Stop drinking alcohol, Mersey Hypnosis Liverpool

The choice is entirely yours - reduce your intake or stop completely. I'm not here to tell you which is right for you. However, I can help you to take back full control of your drinking and either bring it to moderate, healthy and enjoyable levels so you feel positively about keeping to your limits or I can help you make it go away altogether.

How many sessions will I need?

Whilst everyone is different and has different reasons for drinking, as a general guide 2 to 4 sessions usually produces lasting success. Let's have a chat about how I can help..